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My commitment to you...when you invest in me, I invest in you and your dog.

Lifetime Investment

When you invest in me, I invest in you and your dog. I consider all of our clients a part of our family. I will empower you and equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to continue training after your puppy returns from board and train. Thereafter, I'll always be here to help you with any new life changes that occur throughout your dog's life.


Puppy Board and Train Package

Whether you have a puppy that's more work than you thought or you simply want to strengthen the bond with your puppy, you’ve come to the right place. My Board and Train program is conducted in my home with my family for three weeks and includes immersive on-site and off-site training programs.

My Focus is on You and Your Puppy

Understanding your relationship with your puppy is essential to training because he/she will look to you and react to how you respond to the world. I'll train your puppy to recognize boundaries and understand how to respond to structure. In doing so, I'll guide and train your puppy with love and consistency so as to build confidence and trust during each day of training.

All Board and Train packages are tailored to fit your specific needs and the needs of your puppy. Overall, the training covers basic obedience, socialization, manners, and life skills. 

  • Behavior and Manners Training
    I'll teach your puppy to be a well-mannered dog and correct inappropriate behavior, including but not limited to biting, mouthing, chewing, and jumping.


  • Command Training
    I'll train implied stays with all the commands and will train your puppy to settle into each command instead of running through them like tricks. They will learn to hold commands that will include sit, down, come and go to “place” and leave it and out.

    Implied Stay refers to training a dog to stay where they are, in the position they're in, and to wait patiently for the next cue rather than immediately going back to what they were doing. It s
    trengthens listening and obedience readiness skills.

  • Leash Training
    I'll train leash skills that include walking nicely with a loose leash, no tension.


  • Environmental Distraction Training
    I'll train your puppy how to respond in public and how to apply learned training in new environments with new distractions. Training and socialization with other dogs is a large part of the program.


  • Transition to Home Training
    I'll train your puppy to apply the lessons learned in my home to your home. In the last week, you and your puppy will learn how to apply my training in your home. 

    We'll work together so that in the end you will experience a new way of enjoyable living with your puppy. Thereafter, we'll return to complete Board and Train before the final 'go-home' bonus lesson.

Final 'Go-Home' Bonus Lesson

The final day of Board and Train is the 'Go-Home' lesson. This lesson is out in public, where I'll work with you and your puppy around distractions. This lesson exemplifies my commitment to teaching you how to best lead your puppy in public while exposed to a new environment.

Package Rate3 weeks, $2,800

Customized Board and Train

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